Hahn & Associates is a leader in using data, analytics, and technology to help prosecute, defend, and license your most valuable assets




We use big data to obtain insight and to drive decisions that have real impact for our clients. More than just offering descriptive statistics, we personally wrangle and analyze data to predict, inform, and guide.   



Client satisfaction and results are our top priorities. We are relentless in our pursuit of your goals and promise to provide the highest quality of service we possibly can. This isn't just lip service, but our guiding principle. This is our pledge.



We are a full-service firm with expertise in many technical and scientific areas. Our deep experience makes us exceptional advocates. We also bring real-world business skills and training to help along the path to your success. 

Expert patent preparation and prosecution



We like the difficult cases. Our skills and training lend themselves to the toughest challenges you have. Whether it is entering a crowded area with a disruptive technology or obtaining the one incremental innovation pivotal to dominating a market, we will ask the right questions, follow-through, and prosecute a winning strategy. 




Brand awareness and goodwill associated with your mark are not only a recognition of your company's strength but a source of extra earning power.

Hahn & Associates provides its clients with a wide range of trademark assistance including counseling, investigations, branding strategies, US and international trademark application filing, prosecution, and enforcement to make sure it stays that way.




Authorship is ownership


If you write software, copyrights are the single most important legal protection available to you. Although we live in a collaborative GIThub world, there are times when software authors and engineers should take advantage of copyright protection, or else risk finding themselves at the mercy of infringers. 



New opportunities, old pitfalls


The American Invents Act (AIA) enacted on September 16, 2011, represents the most significant changes to US patent law in decades. Inter partes review (IPR) and post grant preview (PGR) are two of several changes that have had a profound impact on not just litigation, but also prosecution strategy. The availability and timing of filing expert declarations and other testimonial evidence is critical. We have been involved in this evolving field and stand ready to support our client's post-grant proceeding. 



Identify potential trouble spots and navigate confidently


Due diligence is necessary to provide information so that our clients can be assured they are receiving full value for a purchase or license. The knowledge gained can also equip our clients to renegotiate or familiarize themselves with the space so that they can hit the ground running. Our attorneys have experience in mergers, acquisitions, freedom to operate, and related transactions. Let us help you vette your important deals and product launches. 



In-licensing or Out-licensing: We have it covered


Our attorneys are experienced in all aspects of licensing. We have extensive experience in licensing technologies both to and from large and small companies. Our experience also includes Technology Transfer and Venture Capital financing.