Patent Preparation and Prosecution


What makes a strong patent? Many would say it starts with a well-written specification and claims. In our opinion, the key to a good application is strong data, clear understanding of the prior art and competitive landscape, comprehensive drawings, inventor engagement and rapport, critical inventor review, and skillful claim drafting. We practice what we preach and strive to implement each of the above. 


We believe the crucible of prosecution can lead to strong defensible claims. The challenge is to navigate the process efficiently and effectively without sacrificing breadth.


us prosecution philosophy

Our firm was founded on the belief that high quality, cost-effective patent prosecution is not just a desirable goal, but a client right. To achieve this, we believe a candid assessment of the patent claims and specification is crucial. Once complete, we develop a strategy with our clients that leaves no stone left unturned. Finally, we take pride in applying our business, technical, and patent prosecution skills to advance business objectives. Some of our recent accomplishments include:

  • Successfully leveraging the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH)
  • Identifying additional Patent Term Adjustment
  • Interviewing not just for the sake of interviewing, but for results
  • Participating in Case Studies and Pilot Programs
  • Winning Appeals
  • Embracing the USPTO's Open Data and Mobility Initiative


managing foreign counsel

Headaches are made when one case is argued one way, and a related case is argued in a contradictory way. We believe such estoppel is easily avoidable by conscientious prosecution management. Our process requires us to review related domestic and other overseas prosecutions when receiving or sending instructions to foreign associates. This way, our clients have one less thing to worry about. 


national stage applications

We routinely receive new US national stage application from foreign applications and can help our overseas associate receive prompt and cost-efficient prosecution.